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Domesnes residence

Domesnes, a historical name for Cape Kolka (Kolkasrags), offers a unique experience of nature’s magnificence. Nestled amidst Āgenskalns’ old trees, this residence unites good neighbours, functionality, and A-class energy efficiency, creating a home with a distinct aura, design, and economic value.


The building qualifies as almost zero-energy, meeting high energy efficiency standards. Its roof is equipped with 11 kW solar panels, generating electricity for hot water and circulation by energy consumption class A. This leads to a significant reduction in utility bills. Additionally, each apartment is equipped with an individual heat meter.


Every apartment has a heat recovery ventilation that guarantees efficient air exchange, regardless of the outside temperature, without energy loss. This system efficiently heats cool air during winter and provides refreshing cooling in summer.


The apartments feature an underfloor heating system, providing consistent temperatures throughout and minimising dust circulation. Each room has its own thermostat, enabling individual temperature control according to your preferences.


The building is within fenced and landscaped grounds, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment. It showcases a wooden and tinted stucco facade that harmoniously blends with the surroundings. It comprises 19 two, three, and four-bedroom apartments spread across the 1st to 3rd floors. The apartments are available in a fully finished condition.


The ground-floor apartments provide direct access to a private green area, enabling you to embrace nature and cultivate your own urban garden. The 2nd-floor apartments feature balconies, while the 3rd-floor apartments have expansive terraces and balconies. The ground and first-floor apartments offer ceiling heights of nearly 3 meters, while the third-floor ceilings reach up to 3.80 meters. Each apartment includes a basement storage space of up to 7 square meters.


The building is located in a landscaped, green, and enclosed area. The entrance gates have an automated opening and closing system, ensuring convenience and security. There is a dedicated playground for children, while adults can enjoy a seating area. The premises also provide bicycle racks, and each apartment includes its own parking space, which can be optionally equipped with a charging point for electric cars.


 apartments in total
CodeRoomsFloorAreaBalconyTerraceTotal areaPriceStatus 
DR-13164,9 m20 m20 m264,9 m2 € 176,900.00Available
DR-103262,7 m24,9 m20 m267,6 m2 Sold
DR-112247,6 m24,9 m20 m252,5 m2 Sold
DR-123271,9 m24,9 m20 m276,8 m2 € 222,500.00Available
DR-133277,2 m24,3 m20 m281,5 m2 Sold
DR-142254,2 m24,9 m20 m259,1 m2 Sold
DR-152339,1 m24,9 m20 m244,0 m2 Sold
DR-1643100,8 m20 m260,2 m2161,0 m2 € 376,900.00Available
DR-172346,9 m24,9 m20 m251,8 m2 Sold
DR-184397,9 m20 m249,9 m2147,8 m2 € 352,500.00Available
DR-192354,6 m24,9 m20 m259,5 m2 Sold
DR-23178,0 m20 m210,0 m288,0 m2 Sold
DR-33162,8 m20 m210,0 m272,8 m2 Sold
DR-42147,7 m20 m210,0 m257,7 m2 Sold
DR-53172,3 m20 m210,0 m282,3 m2 € 211,500.00Available
DR-63176,6 m20 m210,0 m286,6 m2 € 222,500.00Available
DR-72153,9 m20 m20 m253,9 m2 € 145,500.00Available
DR-83265,7 m24,9 m20 m270,6 m2 € 199,500.00Available
DR-93277,7 m24,9 m20 m282,6 m2 Sold


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