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Āgenskalna Priedes

This building is located opposite the first multi-floor (five) standard residential building area in Āgenskalns, built between 1958 and 1962. We have kept the name Āgenskalna priedes (The Pines of Āgenskalns) in honor of those times.


The 2-floor residential building was built in the 1930s. So it was an honor for us to rebuild it, without losing the characteristic style of that time, such as the semicircular bay window in the south-western façade of the building, the distinctive four-sloped roof.


There are 18 apartments in the three-story building – five of them with 2 rooms, 13 with 3 rooms, with a total area of 51 – 87 m2. The old building’s staircase was designed in a retro style, while the staircase of the new building is designed in a modern minimalist style. On the first floor, a staircase allows reaching the basement, which provides underground parking for 13 cars. Part of the newly constructed volume above the 3 rd floor is designed to have a shared recreational terrace.


Plantings in the project are designed to be visually appealing, taking into account the succession and decorativeness of annual blooming times.


There is a children’s playground in the area. The building is equipped with a gas heating system, and there is an individual heating meter for each apartment.


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